It’s always the same. Every time I intend to stage the perfect magic show. But then again it gets all mixed up: either my magic elephant “Lölö” rearranged my magic bag and secretly packed up the craziest things. Or “Tipsy”, my magic mouse, appears in the middle of the show and creates havoc. To make matters worse I get a phone call from my mother right in this moment! The children enjoy themselves immensely! They laugh their heads off when something goes wrong. But fortunately they do help me with enthusiasm, so that all the magic tricks succeed in the end. And then we all wonder about the big and small miracles that we have performed together. And we notice the stunned faces of the parents. Didn’t they only want to drop off the kids and leave quickly…?

Older children are much cooooler. “Lölö” and “Tipsy” rather stay home and I gather the “big ones” closely around my table. When the magic happens right under their nose and in their hands, the kids are totally baffled. If the fever has grabbed them, I sometimes let them in on a little secret and teach them a trick. Who knows … maybe we have helped new magicians to take their first steps?